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As a rule of thumb, you should let Bump Stopper do its work for 3 to 5 days. This time may vary according to the severity of each particular person’s bumps and the different skin. In all cases, you should start seeing results in as quickly as 48 hours.

Bump Stopper products have a 3 year shelf life. What this means is that we guarantee our products will do what they are supposed to do within 3 years of manufacturing. After the three years mark they will start gradually losing their power. They will still work, but the effects will be milder to a minimum.

When you buy directly from us you KNOW you are getting the freshest product available, and it will be at its most potent state and its effects will be immediate!

The easiest way to identify an OLD or Expired product is by the manufacturing date, which is a detail that online sellers don’t always include on their listings.

Another easy way is to compare the packaging of the product offered online with the packaging on the manufacturer’s website.

We are always promoting our newest products for a simple reason: We want YOU to have the BEST EXPERIENCE our products can provide!

If you buy an old, expired product from a third party chances are you won’t have a great experience. 

We care deeply about our products and want you to be satisfied with them.

Psuedofolliculitis barbae, also known as PFB, is the medical term associated with the problems involving razor bumps. The condition, although highly prevalent amongst African-American males with curly hair, it is not necessarily an African-American problem only. Anyone with the propensity for curly hair can be prone to experience the condition. Simply put, as the hair is created in a curved or bent follicle, it is formed in an ovoid pattern creating a somewhat coarser hair that exits the skin at an angle and when cut on an angle bevels the hair into a needlepoint making re-entry into the skin easier. When that hair re-enters the skin a bump is formed, with subsequent inflammation and possibly even infection.

  1. Bump Stopper Razor Bump Treatment works by gently exfoliating or casting away the skin surrounding the bump, thus exposing the ingrown hair.
  2. Bump Stopper Razor Bump Treatment neutralizes any inflammation or infection.
  3. Bump Stopper Razor Bump Treatment minimizes the coarse structure of the hair, thereby making re-entry back into the skin much more difficult.

Only Bump Stopper Razor Bump Treatment uses this threefold approach to successfully treat your razor bump condition.

We believe our product line to be so effective that we back every item with a money back guarantee. It is important to note that we’ve been treating this condition successfully for over 35 years. We were first and we’re still the leader! BUMP STOPPER WORKS!!!

Yes, all Bump Stopper products are clinically tested and approved by a leading dermatologist, Dr. Ralph A. Brooks of Ft. Worth, Texas. Dr. Brooks has served as a consultant for several pharmaceutical companies including Warner-Chilcott, Genentech, and Alcon Laboratories, and he has conducted clinical trials of new products awaiting FDA approval in addition to participating in intensive discussions of the relative merits of existing products. Dr. Brooks is seated on our advisory board and is readily available for questions, when and if needed.

Bump Stopper Razor Bump Treatment was also clinically tested and approved by the Department of Dermatology of the Department of the Air Force and to quote: “Bump Stopper and Bump Stopper-2 Razor Bump Treatments are both outstanding for the control and management of PFB.”

Additionally, all ingredients in making Bump Stopper products are used in accordance with FDA guidelines and all manufacturing procedures are in strict compliance.

FDA does not approve or sanction cosmetic products like Bump Stopper. Bump Stopper was on the market before FDA undertook the OTC Drug Review in 1972 and is therefore not regulated as an OTC drug product. Any other products that are presently marketed that claims to prevent or mitigate razor bumps or razor rash that were not the market prior to this review require a New Drug Application to be legally marketed and sold in the USA. Currently, there are no approved New Drug Applications on file for products to treat this condition. Nor do any other products currently marketed meet a cosmetic criteria. Only Bump Stopper has this distinction. FDA has not had any regulatory issues with Bump
Stopper since its inception.

You can shave any way you want. Unlike some alcohol based products, Bump Stopper can be used after any shaving preference, razors, clippers, electric shavers. And yes, even dipilatories and epilation products can be used prior to applying Bump Stopper.

Bump Stopper starts working the moment it is applied and continues to work throughout the day. It is recommended that Bump Stopper be used twice daily, in the morning and again at night before retiring. The application that was applied in the morning will continue to work even as the second application is made. Very positive results are normally seen in 3-5 days, however, visible results, as was attested in one of our testimonials, was in a manner of a few hours.

Bump Stopper is packaged in a 15 gram (1/2 oz.) unit. However, Bump Stopper is very concentrated and when used sparingly and appropriately it should last for 3-4 weeks. The cost per application is less than 15 cents. We are by far the most economical razor bump treatment on the market.

High Time Bump Stopper offers a whole line of shaving products with the special needs of men in mind. The Shaving Gel and Shaving Cream are specifically formulated to give the ultimate protection when shaving. The Liquid Bumper Stopper Plus is for active lifestyles because it won’t clog pores when used during exercising and workouts. It is also an excellent alternative for daytime use coupled with Bump Stopper-2 as your nighttime application. The Dare to be Bald is a balmy lotion to condition, protect and treat the shaved scalp with just the appropriate or designed sheen.

Bump Stopper products have been proven to be extremely safe when used as directed. And our quality control facilities are superb using the latest in testing equipment to assure total compliance and reliability.

Yes, the independent reporting firm of Information Resources, Inc. (Chicago, IL) tracks sales of Bump Stopper and all other competitive products. These reports show that Bump Stopper products outsell our nearest competitor in units sold nationwide by almost 2 to 1.

Made in the USA. All Bump Stopper products are manufactured, packaged and shipped from our Reno, Nevada facility.

YES!!! High Time Bump Stopper has proven itself to be the most effective product on the market today and comes with a money-back guarantee. Just look at our testimonials page if you have any doubts.