Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin for Men and Women

Bump Stopper is a line of product famous for being the men’s choice in their fight against razor bumps and ingrown hairs. What most people don’t know is that is as effective for men as it is for women!

Women everywhere have chosen Bump Stopper Sensitive over the now discontinued Lady Bump Stopper Night-Time.
This election sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Why would women choose a product formulated for men, ignoring another made with them in mind?

The truth is that Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin was not created with gender in mind. After all, men’s and women’s skin are similar, and so are they razor bumps! It is just that over the years, men had been more vocal about their choice of skin treatment, and Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin, and the Bump Stopper line, got to be known as a men’s line. This misconception was driven further deep by no other than ourselves, the manufacturers, when we decided to create a line specifically for women: Lady bump Stopper. This was a line formulated with the specific goal of, above everything else Bump Stopper does, including a retardant agent that made hair grow slower, reducing the frequency between shaves.
Women welcomed the new line, but their preference for Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin did not diminish.

Last week we said goodbye to the Lady Bump Stopper line. It was hard to keep manufacturing what became a niche, more expensive product in COVID-19 times.
Most women won’t miss it, because they will continue using Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin. For those who will, we are offering a 15% discount this week with code SUMMER at checkout.

Whether you are a longtime user or are going to try it for the first time, here is a great opportunity to get it at a great price!